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Cuisinart EM200U Espresso Coffee Maker

Cuisinart em200u Espresso Coffee MakerThe Cuisinart Espresso Coffee Maker is a high quality coffee machine that produces a superb espresso.

This is a programmable espresso machine so with the touch of a button you can help yourself to a solo or a doppio. It also has a manual mode so you can control the flow of water yourself.

As well as using traditional ground coffee you have the option of using the ESE coffee pods. It is supplied with a stainless steel nozzle and a frothing jug.

Cuisinart is one of those brands you can trust to produce quality products and this coffee machine is one of them. It is solidly constructed and built to last, coming with a  three year guarantee.

The chrome finish oozes class and also makes the machine extremely easy to clean.

This is also a very quick coffee maker so you get the double whammy of convenience and quality. With little practice you'll be making the perfect espresso or cappuccio every time.

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